About us



Passepartoi is Rossana Bellorini’s project.


With her high refinined eye for style and fashion she was born in Italy and she’s mother of two girls. Passepartoi is the result of her work in fashion supported by decades of experience.


A previous store was opened in 2002 in Formentera, Balearic Islands. Formentera is a internationally known place and although its small surface, it’s a remarkable showcase overlooking the world. This is the reason why, six years after a break from the island-but never from fashion-a new store opened in 2013.


The essence of Passepartoi resides in the perfect mix of luxury vintage, selected brands and the “one of a kind” collection designed exclusively by Rossana herself and made in italy. The prêt-à-porter and accessorize selection are the result of her constant research through international fashion trends, supported by the knoledge of what people like to wear.


Like other projects made with passion, Passepartoi also hosts a friendship that started back in 2002 when Rossana met Laura who started working with her. This duo knows how to make customers feel confident finding not just the right look but also matching their needs in a professional, pleasant and creative environment.


This situation and the enthusiasm of the clients about the special collection was the perfect scenario for Rossana to push to face this new step and start with the e-commerce version, designed to meet the needs of our customers worldwide.


The designer speaks:


“I wanted to start with the online version with ten winter essential pieces while keep working on the new seasons with the aim to improve and keep extending the collection for you.


I thank everyone who gave and keeps giving me this opportunity making me really proud and grateful. I hope to share with everyone all over the world this feeling while wearing my Passepartoi collection!”